21 November 2013

Leave of Absence

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, despite my sporadic posts.  I very much appreciate those who have taken the time to read my ramblings.
But I am officially suspending it for the moment.
I just don't seem to be able to post regularly.
Due, I think, to an uncertainty of direction for this blog.
I am spending too much time chasing the elusive simple life to write about it, and life is not getting simpler.

I have finally committed to a website for my art career.  That is in development and will be up and running soon.

Meanwhile, being an image person, I am loving Instagram...and posting regularly!
You can find me at http://instagram.com/amanda_likes#

24 July 2013

Winter Knitting

Once again, the blog has got away from me.  There has been no time for creative thinking.  I have been dealing with this -
(apologies for the photo, it was a really gloomy day, and no lights to turn on)

My architect hat is back on - well, I know, that is creative thinking - and it leaves no headspace for any other type of creative thinking, unfortunately.
But this is supposed to be a art and craft place, so I won't start about kitchen design, sourcing tiles, lights, appliances, door hardware, selecting architraves to match old ones and the other running around involved with renovating an old weatherboard cottage.
I have managed to knit.  Baby blankets.  Rectangles - not much thinking involved.  Just which colour stripe is next, and how wide it is.  Though I did do several drawings with the colour pencils before I started, so it's not random.

And then I noticed that the colours I selected matched the colours in an image sitting on my desk.
Doesn't the mind work in mysterious ways.
I am using the softest organic cotton from Blue Sky Alpaca.  I have knitted with this yarn before, and it makes a beautifully snuggly blanket.

And the next one is sitting waiting to be started.  This one is the Super easy Baby Blanket from Purl Soho, using Alchemy Temple merino.  But I will alter the pattern and put a border on it.
Knitting blankets satisfies the creative need, without adding to the stress levels, and makes something useful too.  We know a number of thirty-somethings having babies.

25 June 2013

Winter Inspiration


     From the top
  • Autumn leaves on wet flagstones.
  • Plane tree leaves stuck on the water wall at City Square.
  • Eucalyptus trunk in the rain - looks just like camoflage.

17 June 2013

New York Print Exchange

I have received my prints from the Print Exchange I took part in, run by the Sketchbook Project in Brooklyn.
It's quite exciting to get a parcel of prints in the mail, and to see what you have.  The mediums used in my collection include letterpress, etching, relief, and some hand colouring.
Though I struggle to see how some of them relate to the theme of 'The Drive Home'.  It was worth taking part in.  Just wish I was able to see the exhibition of all 500 - in San Francisco or Brooklyn!

Here are the 10 I received.

03 June 2013

Hunt and Lobb Building, Castlemaine

Back in March, I wandered the art exhibitions of the Castlemaine State Festival, and some were held in what was once a mechanical workshop. 
Forget the exhibitions, sorry artists! 
I just loved the patina of the Hunt and Lobb building.  It's past use as a mechanic's workshop was immediately obvious, from the relics left behind - signage, prices for car parts, the tool board.   So, too, were the changes to the building over time- weatherboard, brick and galvanised iron.  The faded texture of the timbers was wonderful, and I love the simple and elegant steel frames. I saw patterns in timbers, in textures, in colours. 
I suppose one day, it will be demolished in the name of progress, but I will have a photographic record of a faded building.

22 May 2013

Studio Work

I have not been here, but I have been in the (temporary) studio.  Finally.

I completed my print for the Print Exchange, and sent it on it's way to New York.
Wishing I could follow it.
Titled Western Highway, a five colour screenprint.

And I can't wait to see the prints that I receive in the Exchange.


I completed my prints for the Goldfield Printmakers exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, opening this Sunday.  A series of monotypes for that one.
And, I am studying painting at the VCA this year.
So, there is homework sometimes.  I have really enjoyed hard-edge abstraction.
It's creating all those straight, crisp lines that appeals to the perfectionist in me.
Below, one of the abstract studies.


09 May 2013

Starting Over

So I have been gone a while...longer than I intended.

I have been reassessing why I blog, should I continue to blog, do I have anything worthwhile to contribute.  The direction the blog had taken was not where I originally intended it to go.

But, I am back.  New banner (thanks to the design student, who tweaked my attempt).  New direction, and with every intention of posting regularly - and treating this as a work commitment, instead of something on the side.

(And we are finally renovating the farm, but I don't want this to become a renovation blog...just the odd update!)